Christian Counseling of Fort Worth Texas

Licensed Professional Christian Counseling for individuals, children, teens, premarital couples and married couples in Fort Worth Texas. (*Licensure through S.A.C.C., N.C.C.A., and N.B.C.C.T)

Dr. W. H. Penewit is a specialist with tweens, teens, and parenting. He is an expert in marriage counseling therapy, bi-polar disorder and communication issues. He provides assessments for work and career issues, and works with grade school and high school students in the Fort Worth Texas area. Dr Penewit works with small children specializing in ADD and ADHD individuals and is noted in his research and work with stress reduction, panic disorders, depression and anxiety. Dr Penewit is an expert and noted speaker with pornography addiction in the lives of men, women and children. (*Licensed through S.A.C.C., N.C.C.A. and N.B.C.C.T)


Rev. Linda Penewit C.P.M. is a specialist working with children, tweens and teens, and is noted in her work with girls entering puberty and self esteem issues. Linda is a top expert teaching married couples and families how to communicate and how to reclaim the intimacy within marriage and family. Linda helps men and women who are suffering from the pain and anguish of infidelity and divorce to regain their confidence in themselves and take their lives back. (*Licensed through S.A.C.C.)