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Jennifer Kennedy C.M.

Jenn SalinasJennifer Kennedy is the newest member of the team at the Penewit Institute-Fort Worth Christian Counseling.

She came to us some years ago in search of the answers to who she was and in need of healing from trauma and the deep wounds associated with a childhood lacking roots.

Jennifer describes her formative years as challenging.

She knew the Lord as far back as she can remember and found great comfort in prayer even as a child.

In a childhood rife with parental divorces, she moved from home to home; family member to family member; school to school; and even church to church.

While she excelled in her schoolwork, even earning a scholarship to the Journalism program at UC Boulder,

Jennifer began struggling with anxiety and depression as a teenager leading to a long battle with psychiatric medicines, self-medication,

and eventually the belief that suicide was preferable to living with the thought that she had surely been a mistake on the part of the Lord.

After years of trying every imaginable treatment and counseling seemingly available, she found herself at Fort Worth Christian Counseling.

The therapy model, spiritual guidance, Godly love, and lack of judgment Jennifer found through Dr. and Rev Linda Penewit was life changing.

Delivered and healed from a seemingly hopeless state of body, mind, and spirit, she answered the call to help others.

Licensed and trained through the Sarasota Academy of Christian counseling and under clinical supervisor Dr. W.H. Penewit and his wife Rev Linda, Jennifer joined the team in 2019.

She has a passion for helping those that feel broken, hopeless, lost, and even those whose lives and faith are being tested.