I want to be normal

These are words I have spoken countless times in my life.

I want to be normalNormal…When I began the process of learning who I was and healing from years of self abuse and trauma, I began to explore what that meant to me. I had a professor in college that used to say that “normal” was a cycle on a washing machine. She made it clear that referring to people as normal was a bit like ranking human value and setting one group of people against another, dividing them into sharply opposing factions.

What is normal anyway?

Psychologically speaking, normal means free from mental issues, thereby creating another side that is abnormal (unbalanced, insane, or odd). When faced with this definition, it is easy to see why many seek to be “normal”. So how do you find the truth of who (or what) you are when who God says you are and who the world says you are is in conflict? Every human being has a place in the scheme of the universe and God’s creation. To understand this, we must identify and understand our temperament. Temperament is the link to balancing body, soul, and spirit. Through temperament we are given the knowledge of how we are wired (our mind, will, and emotions).

Dig in.

At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we specialize in teaching you what is normal for your temperament. The needs of each tempermanet are different. When a person’s needs go unmet, it creates in them not only the inability to deal with what life throws at them, it also affects their deep personal relationships. Their view of and interaction with God is also deeply affected. For example, one of the five temperaments is the Supine. Supines are gentle by nature, and they have a servant’s heart. They respond to warmth, tenderness, and are very sensitive, needing a great deal of love and affection. When they are faced with rejection, they can become angry although they will mask it as hurt feelings. To help the Supine live in their true nature, it is imparative that they learn what to do with their anger. Given proper knowledge of who they are and right application of that knowledge, they and their relationship with God will flourish.

If you are interested in seeing how to build that balance within yourself and find what is normal for your own unique temperament, let us help you discover the beauty God created in you. Temperament can only be diagnosed and interpreted by a licened Creation Therapist.