Dads raising Daughters

raising DaughtersI’ve gotten into trouble a few times when talking to a mother  about raising Daughters.

When I say to her that it takes of dad to raise a daughter sometimes the mother gets upset.

I believe that I have a good sound reason for this. But when it comes to dad raising daughters, there are a few things that we must learn!

Eventually, that little girl will grow into a woman. And more than likely she will be seeking a husband. So, what is her role model?

How does she know who to look for and what to look for in a mate?

Her father is the one who shows her what to look for in a husband. Whether you know it or not, your little girl is watching you.

She sees how you interact with your wife, and if she thinks that your relationship is normal then she will look for the same thing.


Now I’m sure that most of you have a fairly good marriage. Like most couples you may bicker and have the occasional fight. But please understand

that your daughter is taking in everything. She hears the bickering and every fight.  Do you give your wife the silent treatment when the going gets rough?

Do you show a lack of respect for your wife when you get angry with her? How often does she hear you yelling at her mother?

All of these things teach a daughter what to look for in a husband. And she just may grow up with a lack of respect for herself as a woman.

Dads raising Daughters

Please understand that I realize that there are many “heroic” single moms out there raising their daughters under very hard circumstances. 

I also realize that there are more than a few single dads raising daughters too! And in my mind, these single moms and dads are heroes for sure! 

I haven’t forgotten other family members raising other peoples daughters either!

What can I do? I’m divorced!

raising Daughters

So what are your options if you’re divorced? What can you do to help raise your daughter?

This is a very tough subject, and your children must take first place in this matter!

Fort Worth Christian Counseling has a program in place where divorced parents attend sessions

that teaches them how to communicate with each other without arguing.

Your daughters will see this and understand that even though you could not make the marriage work that you still love them and care about them.

This will help your daughters to have better self esteem, and as they grow they will see themselves as women worthy of a husband that will love

them and care for them to the rest of their lives!


Dads raising daughters and the importance

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