Your first 4 sessions with us

Your first 4 sessions


During your intake session you will be filling out paperwork. This process usually takes about an hour and is an important part of your therapy. During this time you may have the opportunity to meet the therapist that you’ve chosen. If you haven’t chosen one and need help, click the links and meet Dr W H Penewit and his wife Rev Linda Penewit.

*NOTE* Due to our tight schedule you may NOT have the opportunity to meet your therapist during your intake session but we will make every effort to meet you if time permits.

Before you leave we will get your personal e-mail address. We will use this to send you a private link to take our Temperament Profile. The instructions are easy and are included in the e-mail that we send you. If you need help understanding the profile just call our office at 817 898-0490.


During this one hour session you will meet with your therapist and tell him/her what is on your heart. You will be able to talk to your therapist privately and tell them what brought you to The Penewit Center. Your therapist will ask some easy questions to help them to understand you and what your needs are.


This is the session that you’ve been waiting for. During this session we will “interpret” your Temperament Profile to you. You will learn how God “wove” you before you were born. This will begin to answer the questions that you came with.


During this and future sessions your therapist will take you through your “personal recommendations” that are contained in the last pages of your Profile. During these sessions you will actually learn where your temperament needs are not being met, and why you may be making the decisions that you are.

These sessions will teach you how to meet your temperament in different ways than you may be making now. The results will give you choices that you can make that lead to happiness instead of depression and sadness

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