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What people are saying about us

From Rachel and John:

The Penewits are Texas best kept secret. They are high impact people.

25 months ago, my wife and I were not doing well at all in our marriage and I was lost emotionally and not focused spiritually.

Since seeing the Penewits, for a period of about 6 months, our lives have been better 10-fold at least, both personally and martially.

They first took inventory of our situation and accurately assessed what we needed.


We took the ARNO Temperament profile. The results and their counsel helped turn things around in a critical and vulnerable time.

It answered a title wave of unanswered concerns and frustrations over our lifetime. It told who He created us to be and how we operate.


I have many experiences from an extensive sales background with all the typical behavior tests,

but none with the accurate and lasting impact the ARNO has had.

They recommended the book boundaries by Cloud and Townsend and that was another corner stone turning point.

The book, with the Penewits guidance, developed in us the knowledge and confidence

to stop being overly pleasing to people in an unhealthy sense and remove toxic people and family members.

By setting an example, they helped us develop a more meaningful relationship with our creator.

It didn’t happen overnight, it was a struggle, tears, joy, and all in between.

We have experienced many miracles in this brief period of time.


All the Glory to God, all the credit to the Penewits and we received grace for ourselves and one another to experience life as we never have in our 31 years together.


Thank you is not enough Dr and Mrs Penewit, but thank you and as always, Be Blessed!


From Kenneth

Doc and Linda are great people!

Their lives are centered around the Holy Spirit as His teachings guide them through helping others in need.

Doc brought me to God, and explained how God made me. Doc gave me value as a teacher, counselor and friend.

I’ve known Doc and Linda for many years and I can say he remains in contact with me and I drop in to Fort Worth every few years to share some BBQ with them.

If you need guidance, feel like life isn’t worth living, if you self medicate and have pain in your life, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE seek these good people out.

I have every confidence they can help you as they have helped me.

Because of Fort Worth Christian Counseling I am closer to God than ever before, I’m incredibly happy and thankful for all they have done for me.

I have peace and fulfillment in my life, I’m centered and grounded.

All of the old hate and pain has vanished and I absolutely love my life the way it is now. Don’t be afraid, reach out to them today.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


From Ryan

The counsel I received, and continue to receive, has absolutely revolutionized my life.

I highly recommend Fort Worth Christian Counseling.

Their profile system and techniques are the fastest way to bring about lasting improvement.


From Carolyn

I have been doing counseling here for over a year now.

It started out as marriage counseling for me and my husband.

Once we moved back in together, my husband decided that we didn’t need to go anymore, but I made the decision to keep going alone to work on my own individual issues.

This has been a year of growth, change, forgiveness, courage to get out of my comfort zone, and a deepening of the meaningful relationships in my life.

I have gone to other therapists over the years, but it always seemed to send me deeper into depression and self-medicating, unable to cope with the traumas that were the reason for therapy to

begin with.

When I decided to change tactics and include my spiritual beliefs in searching for help, I believe God led me here; Doc Penewit and Mrs. Penewit are absolutely amazing. I am incredibly grateful!


From Dan

Doc and Linda are unlike any other counselor that I’ve experienced.

They do not necessarily go off “human” logic, but instead they are led and minister by the Holy Spirit.

They invoke wisdom not knowledge.

My wife and I are extremely appreciative for their mentoring and friendship.

We are still married because of their intervention. Thank you.


From Cheryl

Doctor and Linda Penewit are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met.

Both have helped myself and my family with several family issues over the years.

They have a heart for people and a passion for helping others walk through life, while pointing to the Lord for answers.

Using Creation Therapy, they have been able to point our family members to answers unique to each individual’s specific temperament.

What a blessing they have been in helping us overcome life’s challenges!

I highly recommended their specialized, loving, and supportive services!


From David

The Penewits were vital to the emotional and spiritual recovery of my children when they were dealing with their parent’s divorce.

They also played a key role in my life as well. I’ll love you forever.