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Temperament Profile?


What is a Temperament Profile?

What is a Temperament Profile?

A Temperament Profile is a tool that your therapist will use to help you answer questions about yourself, your mate or children.

  • Do you ever wonder why you say the things that you say?
  • Or do you ever wonder why you do the things that you do that get you into trouble?
  • Are you a parent who “hurts” because your child isn’t happy at school, or doesn’t have very many friends?
  • Do you feel rejected and ignored by your mate or family members and you are “at the end of your rope”?
  • Or maybe you feel like you are not a very social person and feel like it’s all your fault?

Having your Temperament Profile taken will answer these questions and many others.

The Temperament Profile is very helpful with school age children who are having trouble “fitting” in with other children.

The Profile also helps explain to a teacher why your child is having learning difficulties in school.

You may learn that a “learning difficulty” isn’t a “learning difficulty” at all!

How do I get a Temperament Profile of my own?

Getting a Temperament Profile is the easy part! You answer 54 simple questions…and there are NO right or wrong answers.

When you come for your first session we will ask for your email address. You will get a link so that you can take the profile in the privacy of your own home.

When you come for your third session your therapist will interpret your profile to you so that you will understand it.

A Temperament Profile will help a college student to know when to play and when to study!

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