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What is Temperament

What is Temperament

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “why do I make the decisions that I make, or why do I do the things that I do” then you are asking about your Temperament.  God “wired” us a certain way, he “wove us in our mother’s womb” just the way he wanted us to be.  After having your Temperament Profile taken, you just may find that you are closer to your goals than you thought you were!

Let’s look at the 3 parts of your “Temperament” and what they are: Inclusion (Your Mind), Control (Your Will) and Affection (Your Emotions)

The first part of your “Temperament” is called “Inclusion”.  Let’s look at what “Inclusion” is and how it affects you.

What is Inclusion?

Simply put: Inclusion is the part of your Temperament that determines “surface” relationships, like friends, co-workers, church groups, social groups, clubs etc.

Inclusion also includes your “intellectual energies” or “how you think” and under what type of environment your think best.
Note: Inclusion DOES NOT INCLUDE deep relationships.
What are the “needs” of Inclusion?
There are 2 needs that “Inclusion” has…one is the need to approach a good many people for friendship and socialization, and the second need is for people to approach us for friendship and socializing
Intellectual energies. (How you think)
Your inclusion includes what type of a thinker you are and how you think best. Each person has different “temperament needs” and it’s important that you know what your temperament needs are. Can you think well where there are people around? Can you think in a silent environment with no people around? These things and others dictate how successfully you will be able to think.
 How does this affect me?
It depends on what your Temperament is! You may need to have almost everyone approach you for friendship, or you may have a strong need for almost no people to approach you for friendship.
 Questions that can be answered
– Why won’t my husband/wife go places/socialize with me?
– Why is my husband/wife always out with friends?
– Why doesn’t my child(ren) want to play with other children?
– Why does my mate, children want to be “left alone” all the time?
– I want to get involved but no one invites me! What’s wrong with me?

The second part of your “Temperament” is called “Control”. Let’s look at what “Control” is and how it affects you.

What is Control?

Simply put: Control is the need to have and keep control and power in a relationship. Who makes the decisions in a relationship?
Note: This DOES INCLUDE close relationships like mates or children as well as “friends”
 What are the “needs” of Control?
How much control do you need to have in a relationship with others? And how much control do you want relationships with others to have over you?
 How does this affect me?
You may need to have unlimited control over people and decisions concerning a friendship, or you may have a strong desire to make NO decisions or have control in a relationship.
Questions that can be answered
– Why am I such a “control freak”?
–  My “personality” is so strong that I scare people away…what can I do?
– Why does making a decision scares me?
– Why am I such a follower? Is that wrong?
– My mate is always telling me what to do help!
– Why is my child so bossy!

The third and final part of your “Temperament” is called “Affection”. Let’s look at what “Affection” is and how it affects you.

What is “Affection”?

Simply Put: Affection is the need to give and receive love and affection.Affection is unique because this can only happen between two people.

 What are the “needs” of Affection?
This area has a need for intimacy. This need for intimacy can only be met by close, personal emotional feeling between two people .
Becoming close to someone means that you are willing to trust them with your innermost desires.
You will also have a desire to share your fears and feelings too.
So there are two “needs” of “Affection”.
Need One is the need to have and keep a relationship with someone for love and affection.
Need Two is the need within your own “Temperament” is whether you want love and affection from everyone you meet or from just a few poeple.
So what “kind” of affection or love (physical or emotional) do you need? And what “kind” of Affection or love do you “need” to give to another person? All this is included in “Affection”.
 How does this affect me?
Affection or the lack of love has a dramatic affect on us and how we feel about ourselves.
Giving and getting love and affection is important to our health, self confidence.
If your “Temperament need” for love and affection is not met it will eventually affect the other two areas of your temperament.
 Questions that can be answered
– My mate isn’t “touchy feely” but I am…whats wrong?
– When my mate touches me too much it makes my skin crawl…why?
– I don’t think I will ever find a mate, can you help?

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