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Faith-based counseling

prayerThe Penewit Center is a comprehensive Faith Based care practice, offering Pastoral, individual, couple, family, teen, child and group counseling services. The Center’s services and programs are available to all who might benefit from its counseling ministry. Professionals at the The Penewit Center are Biblical Therapists, meaning that their practice is to assist people to emotional health. Personally, my wife and I have pastored as well as evangelized in times past, and know from experience what works and what does not. The Penewit Center not only assists people from all walks of life, they minister to pastors as well. Our therapeutic counseling models are up-to-date and completely Bible based in nature, and since God created you a certain way, we can help you see exactly what that may be! At The Penewit Center your happiness is taken very seriously, in fact…it is our life’s goal

The Penewit Center also offers Small Business and Corporate employee placement services.

Penewit Ministries ministers to Pastors, Evangelists, Full Time Ministry Workers and their families.
Dr. W. H. Penewit, Th.B, Th.M, M.Div, D.Min