The 5 Temperaments and Intimacy

The 5 Temperaments and IntimacyThe 5 Temperaments and Intimacy

The 5 Temperaments and intimacy …how do work together?

If The 5 Temperaments are different then can they work within each Temperament? The answer is YES

Let’s look at the BASICS  of Temperament and Intimacy

People oriented Temperament

We work with many “blends” of temperaments…so what fits within one persons Temperament may not fit within yours.

Some temperaments will be “people oriented” meaning that they respond better working with people than they are working with tasks.

If you become stressed if you must be away from people very long…then you MAY (or may not) be people oriented.

These people will tend to respond best to romance and physical intimacy

For them intimacy itself important but also how its presented to them and who presents it.

As long as people are involved they believe things are on the right track…


Temperament Needs and Intimacy

At this point its important to understand that getting ones Temperament Needs met are connected with intimacy.

If a persons Temperament needs are people oriented and they lack being connected with people,

then they will feel a lack of intimacy and they may not be able to see the intimacy being shown.

When you receive your Temperament Profile you will learn HOW you need intimacy shown to you.

Once you understand this you and your mate will learn how to talk to each other in a new way.

Task oriented Temperament

Some Temperaments are task oriented meaning they work better with tasks than with people.

These people TEND TO BE more cerebral meaning that they seek the intimacy itself not necessarily from people.

When they so seek intimacy from people they want to know “whats inside their heads”

I have had MANY wives want to know “whats inside his head” when they are talking about their husbands.

ALMOST all of them are task oriented and are more interested in what their husbands are thinking …

how its delivered isn’t as important with some.

This week we have attempted to esplain that temperament isnt seen the same way by The 5 Temperaments.


If  you are having difficulty keeping this intimacy in your relationship…contact us and lets begin!