Depression: What happens in the “Black Moods”

Black Moods

In Dr. W H Penewit’s last post entitled “Depression what happens in the dark moods” ,we learned about what happens to a person who is driven into dark moods from depression  If this temperament lives and dark moods long enough they will eventually end up living in deeper depression. We call this “Black Moods”. When this temperament lives in this world, logic and sense no longer exist. The things that they thought of doing to themselves (even though they knew they were wrong), these things now makes sense to them…especially suicide! People living in black moods have no moral code, and so things that are illogical are perfectly logical to them. The reason why we usually can never see suicide coming is because these people have already made up their minds that this is what they are supposed to do. I personally believe people that  commit atrocities such as mass murder are in these black moods and so their moral code vanishes  and murder seems logical to them.

The Way Out

It Doesn’t seem that medical science knows the way out of depression, as we can see this by looking at the many medications that exist to try to help the depressed. At best doctors attempt to help the depressed to simply cope and keep their heads above water, but there is a way to begin taking your life back from depression and staying out of the dark and black moods.

In the next post Dr. W H Penewit will begin discussing the way out of depression