Maintenance for your Mind

Maintenance for your Mind
your mind

Did you know that your mind needs maintenance?

Just as our physical bodies need certain things so does our mind.

We eat to fuel our body for strength. We work out to strengthen our body but many times

we forget that our mind needs strengthened as well.

The Bible says in Prov. 23:7, What you think you become.

This is why reading the Word of God to renew our thinking as it says in Rom 12:2.

This is the best way to maintenance our mind. Renew your mind daily with God’s word.

In some temperaments your mood follows your thinking process.

Reading and thinking on the Word of God will help you to think right so your mood is positive.

When a person does maintenance on their mind daily, it creates a happier person.

What do you think on the most? That’s where you’ll end up!

So if your thinking on the Word of God, you’ll begin to apply it and will see results that you’ve never had before.

Take the time to maintenance your mind daily as part of your exercise program, it’s vital to your success.