Rejection enters your life, rejection rules your life, rejection becomes king of your life.

Rejection, ruler, king…  Rejection usually enters your life as an infant, but that rejection can come in even before birth.  Rejection is one of the first emotions that we feel when we come into this world, and because it has been with us as long as we can remember it is an emotion that we usually don’t even consider.  The spirit of rejection controls our decisions, dictates who we love, how we love and even if we can love at all.

The spirit of rejection does not come alone

Rejection…Ruler…King There’s more to all of this then just the spirit of rejection, because the fear of rejection and a spirit of self rejection move right along with the emotion of rejection.  These three work very well together and they mask of themselves.

Satan does not play fair…so a person who does not have the ability to defend themselves becomes the victim of rejection… (This person is almost always an infant.God would never and will never reject any of his children! It simply is not in God’s nature to reject you!  I should note here that Jesus took that spirit of rejection on the cross and died with that spirit of rejection.  And when Jesus Christ for rose again from the dead he left that spirit of rejection in health where it belongs!

So this child grows up believing the lies that the spirit of rejection has spoken into him. I understand that parents, siblings and relatives can make the situation worse by rejecting this child and eventually the child begins to believe what has been spoken over him.  As the child grows he or she begins to look at the world the same way that rejection spoke the lie over them in their infancy.  So when love does come along, they may be able to accept that love but it must be on their terms.  And who dictates those terms? that same spirit of rejection that has been with them even before they were born.

In our next post we will discover even more about the spirit of rejection.

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