SEX… The “Achilles heel” of every relationship

Dr W. H. Penewit, Th.B, Th.M, M.Div, D.MinKnowing your mates needs in affection can stop a catastrophe from happening in your marriage

Every marriage relationship has an “Achilles heel”,  can you guess which area it’s in? It’s in the affection area.

Nothing can stop a blooming relationship dead in it’s tracks faster than having difficulty in the affection area.

Affection or the lack of love has a dramatic affect on us and how we feel about ourselves.

Giving and getting love and affection is important to our health, self confidence.

If your “Temperament need” for love and affection is not met it will eventually affect the other two areas of your temperament.

We usually have difficulties in this area because we don’t know what our mate really craves in a lover!
Knowing what your mates temperament is allows you to meet their affection needs in the exact way that they need it!