Successful marriage

successful marriageThe Successful marriage you don’t see, it’s all around you. If you study people the way I do, you will see it as a very subtle sharing between two people.

This sharing is a communication that happens when two people take “the road less traveled” and have pressed on from being acquainted with one another to “knowing” one another. [1]

So what’s the “motivation” of a couple who keeps “pressing on” in a marriage? Are they “gluttons for punishment”? Or maybe they just reached a point to where the just don’t care any more?

These people know that there is something more for them in marriage and they won’t stop traveling “the road less traveled” until they find it.

Successful marriage…Here’s how Paul puts it:

Philippians 3 “12 I do not claim that I have already succeeded or have already become perfect. I keep striving to win the prize for which Christ Jesus has already won me to himself.” GNT

So what’s the prize? That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog.

When Paul said “I press on” he was heading for something…he was headed for “the prize”

A Successful marriage isn’t something that is easily obtainable, and not everyone finds it. Some people travel the world to find that “buried treasure” and rarely find it.

But where is the most valuable treasure and how can you “unlock” it?

The most precious treasure that we can find is within other people.

So the treasure that the couple who “presses on” is in each of them and when they look in each others eyes they see glimmers of that treasure…of that prize.

Lets look at the description of that prize in Proverbs 31:

The value of a wife

Proverbs 31

10 If you can find a truly good wife, she is worth more than precious gems!

11 Her husband can trust her, and she will richly satisfy his needs.

12 She will not hinder him but help him all her life. 13 She finds wool and flax and busily spins it.

14 She buys imported foods brought by ship from distant ports.

15 She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plans the day’s work for her servant girls.

16 She goes out to inspect a field and buys it; with her own hands she plants a vineyard.

17 She is energetic, a hard worker, 18 and watches for bargains. She works far into the night!

19-20 She sews for the poor and generously helps those in need.

21 She has no fear of winter for her household, for she has made warm clothes for all of them.

22 She also upholsters with finest tapestry; her own clothing is beautifully made—a purple gown of pure linen.

23 Her husband is well known, for he sits in the council chamber with the other civic leaders.

24 She makes belted linen garments to sell to the merchants.

25 She is a woman of strength and dignity and has no fear of old age.

26 When she speaks, her words are wise, and kindness is the rule for everything she says.

27 She watches carefully all that goes on throughout her household and is never lazy.

28 Her children stand and bless her; so does her husband. He praises her with these words:

29 “There are many fine women in the world, but you are the best of them all!”

30 Charm can be deceptive and beauty doesn’t last, but a woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised.

31 Praise her for the many fine things she does. These good deeds of hers shall bring her honor and recognition from people of importance.”

So what “unlocks” this in a woman?

Ill be back soon with part 2 of this series “the Successful marriage” Unlocking the prize