We’re divorced! Why would we need counseling?

You and your mate are divorced, so you know how it changed your life. The pain and anguish may have been unbearable (and still may be). But if you’ve had children then you may not realize that they may be suffering more than you are.

Communicating with your ex spouse is one of the most painful experiences that you will endure. However, your child can’t understand why the divorce happened. A child will most always look at the divorce the only way that they can…through their own logic. They will think that;

1. The divorce is their fault, that there is something that they did wrong.
2. They begin thinking that if they were a “good girl or boy” that mommy and daddy would still be together.
3. If they spend more time “trying” to get their parents back together that mommy and daddy will “see the light” and come home.
4. They love both parents equally but feel as if they have to “choose a side” in order to be a good girl of boy.