What is “Toxic Thinking”

We are hearing about “Toxic Thinking” more and more in the Fort Worth Texas area.  Lets look at 3  short points about toxic thinking.

  • Toxic thinking causes your brain to react during the thought process in a way that it was not designed to do. Each one of us has our favorite place to think. Some people like it noisy with the TV on or around many people.  Some people must be in total silence when they think, while others have trouble shutting their minds off causing them to have toxic thoughts to begin with.
  • to begin to deal with “Toxic Thoughts” we need to learn how God created us to think . Trying to begin your thought process a certain way just because you read it in an article or saw it on a video may not be the way that God designed you to think.
  •  So toxic thoughts begins with how you think and not what you are thinking about. 

The most effective way to learn how you think is to have your temperament profile taken. This will show you step by step exactly how to think with a process that is right for your specific temperament.

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