Would I change how I raised them?

Would I change how I raised them?

What would I change?

I’m sure most parents of grown children have asked themselves this question, “Would I change how I raised them?”  I know I have.

1 I would provide more comfort to children when they are hurt, scared or whenever they need it.

I don’t think there’s any such thing as giving your child too much comfort.

Expecting your child to “man-up” so to speak when they are going through difficulties is cruel.

Depending on what their Temperament is, they may simply need re-assurance that they are not going to be rejected by you…that you still love them.

This re-assurance will be well placed and accepted by all 5 of the Temperaments.

It will give your children confidence to try new things without fearing rejection.

2. Take more time with your children. Believe it or not…children see time with parents as more valuable than anything else.

Would I change how I raised them? I know you younger fathers and mothers have heard this before but take it from somebody that’s on the other side.

I would sit down with my boys in the front yard and play with their robots and matchbox cars with them,

I would take my daughter fishing… I would just spend time with them and let them know that they are worth my precious time.

Take this time with them to share God’s Love and his Word into their lives.

3. Set boundary lines between you and your parents or family if you must. God gave your children to you to raise the way he directs you!

You may take some heat in the beginning, but the result will be children who are blessed and are raised by the parents that God chose!

I’ve seen children hurt by dual parenting by grandparents, and relatives.

I’m not saying that your parents or relatives are bad people, but children can become confused by different child rearing techniques. We can’t forget that they may not have the same beliefs that you do.

4. Allow your children to express themselves. I’m not saying to let them scream, curse and get angry whenever they want.

But let them Express themselves listen to them and then respond and help them explore their feelings and help them direct those feelings toward a positive Godly goal.

Would I change how I raised them? This is a question each parent must ask themselves,

and if you are a young parent I suggest asking yourself this question in prayer constantly.