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Fort Worth Christian Counseling

Life is tough.

Stress, depression, anxiety, chronic conditions impact our relationships.

Don’t struggle alone. We’re here to help!

If you can’t make it to our office, we do online counseling ..we’re ready when you are!

Why Christian Counseling?

Anxiety and Depression
Fort Worth Christian Counseling


Depression is  SPIRITUAL in nature.

When we talk to our patients about depression, they realize that there is “something more” at work.

Our Counselors can assist you in learning “why” you are depressed.

Anxiety: Anxiety will cause your brain to go into “high gear” so-to-speak.

It will cause the “what if” thoughts to bounce around in your mind constantly.

Anxiety will cause you to “overthink” things and  be under constant fear.

You don’t want to go out, but you fear that if you don’t you’ll miss something important.

The Counselors at Fort Worth Christian Counseling will be able to help you find your “way out”.


Fort Worth Christian Counseling

The past can be a time of fond memories, but it can also be a time of unforgettable terror.

If you have experienced a loss earlier in childhood, such as sexual abuse or neglect, or if you are a first-responder or military/law enforcement, and you are placed in situations that put you at greater risk for harm…you may suffer fromtrauma

The Therapists are experts with PTSD and can show you WHERE the pain of PTSD is coming from and help you to take your life back

Marriage/Couples Counseling

Fort Worth Christian Counseling

Her sweet kiss on his lips, or his arms around her while they whisper I love you to each other.

You may remember these things from long ago…but are they still in your marriage?

A couple can “grow apart” as time goes by if they are not continually seeking God’s wisdom for their marriage.

The Counselors at Fort Worth Christian Counseling can answer your “why” questions.

Our Counselors can help you understand yourself while understanding “why” your mate is responding to you the way they are.

We are Christian Counselors in Fort Worth Texas
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