Anxiety vs Depression


anxiety and depressionDepression may have one definition, but the source of depression can come from many places. So, where does depression come from in your life? Were you just born depressed? Or did it work its way into your life the way it does for untold millions?

Let’s take a look in anxiety and how it plays a part in causing one to become depressed. Most people think that anxiety is a necessary evil that you just cannot get away from. Most people think to themselves ” everybody has a little anxiety and their life”!  Anxiety is not something that we just accept  because it’s supposed to be there. God did not create the brain or the body for anxiety or depression, So when we do tolerate anxiety or depression in our lives the results can be disastrous.

For most people anxiety doesn’t really seem like it’s that big of a deal. What harm can a little anxiety cause? Anxiety can cause your brain to work overtime in order to produce the chemical balance that your brain needs to function properly. But anxiety isn’t something that your brain was created to deal with and if anxiety is left unchecked it can lead to something much worse.


Anxiety, if left unchecked will always lead to depression if one ignores it long enough. So dealing with anxiety is key to a good state of mental health. Most people who are depressed will tell you that the number one thing that causes depression for them is the inability to be able to “shut their mind off”.

Why is “shutting off your mind” a big deal?

Most of us are able to stop thinking about bad things that have happened in our past, but this isn’t the case for someone suffering from depression. These people live their past, which causes them to think constantly.

Learning how to “shut your mind off” is the key to dealing with depression…many people can eventually stop all medications. To learn how you can be free from anxiety adn depression, give us a call.

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NOTE Do not stop taking medications without the guidance of your physician.