Emotional Depression

Emotional Depression.
Emotional Depression.

Emotional Depression

Living in a state of emotional depression isn’t a fulfilling life. Depression causes a person to re-live all the bad things that have happened to them over their life.

It’s because you cannot “shut your mind off” that you are forced to re-live the past. You live with strong emotions that you cannot control. You live through migraines and nausea Usually is a daily occurrence. If you ask a person that lives in depression, they will tell you that they live in a different land than most people. The land that they live in is quite surreal, meaning that they never know what reality as and what fantasy is.


The 2 places where the depressed live

People with emotional depression most often live in one of two places. They live in what is known as the dark world, or they live in the black world.  Let’s look at these two worlds and see what they are  all about and what life is like in them. While it is true that one world leads to the other, life in these two worlds are very different.

The dark world

To those with emotional depression the dark world is a world of stress, tension, fear and anger, difficulty thinking and the inability to communicate with family friends and coworkers. Many times the emotionally depressed will tell you that they feel like they have a wet have the blanket over them at all times. This  heavy blanket causes them much difficulty in living everyday life and even doing simple tasks. Living in this dark world always leads to clinical depression. What this means is the individual more than likely will need medication.

The black world

If the emotionally depressed live in the dark world long enough and they don’t do anything about it, they don’t seek counseling or medical help,  then they end up in the black world. In the black world there is no such thing as logic. Things that the depressed would never think of doing when they are living in the dark world seemed to make total sense in the black world. Things like divorce and even suicide seem like good ideas to the depressed living in this world. The difficulty is that the family and friends of this individual never realize that the depressed are in the black world. This is where suicide will happen and no one sees it coming.

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