Depression Stops Decisions

Depression Stops Decisions
Depression Stops Decisions

Depression Stops Decisions

Depression and decision making don’t go well together. If you deal with depression in your life, then you know how difficult it can be to think.

It can be just as difficult to make good decisions while you are depressed.

The deeper the depression, the more stressed an individual will become when making a decision, and they are more likely to procrastinate.

The decisions that the depressed make are usually not productive, and the thought of making decisions causes stress and migraines.

When someone who is depressed tries to make a decision even though they may be a good decision maker, they will go to others to help them make decisions.

Then the decision that is made won’t be from the heart of the person but from other sources that may not have the best interest of the depressed.

People make decisions that are good for them

People make decisions that will benefit them, and so the mood that the person is in is important.

If you are in a “bad mood” then you may feel like life just isn’t worth it. If you are in a mood like that you may say

“whats the use anyway?” and make a bad decision.

Here’s what you may be thinking:

  • “Things never go my way anyway, so whats the use in making a decision at all? “
  • “I don’t deserve to have things go my way because I always mess things up”
  • “With all the stuff going on in my life, I don’t have the energy to make a decision “
  • “I don’t have faith in myself and I’m always making stupid decisions so why not let somebody else make my decisions for me?”

Some of the things that you have read above may sound familiar to you.

I’m sure that you have other reasons why you make bad decisions sometimes!

We don’t want to put the cart before the horse so to speak. Depression makes it difficult to think and it can make decision-making very difficult. The key is learning how to stop depression at it’s source

Depression Stops Decisions

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