#1: Dealing with Stress

dealing with stress

Need help dealing with stress?

Stress is at an all time high…but do you know what stress can do to a person?

Statistics state that over 50% of the adult population of The United States is clinically depressed.

This means that their depression is so intense that clinical intervention is indicated.

Doctors will use medications which in certain circumstances may be indicated.

These cases are extreme where suicidal tendencies are inevitable or the possibility of injury to others.

Stress and depression go hand in hand and can actually strengthen one another.

If you are depressed about your life or job, then stress manifests as well.

A result of stress can be physical illness such as heart attacks, stroke or cancer.

Recently a newspaper article stated that people who experience job strain after a first heart attack double their risk of a second one.

This shows that stress can cause illnesses.

Dealing with stress is paramount in the life of an individual and doesn’t strike only the adult population.

Children deal with stress more than most people realize and, in my opinion is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity.

In dealing with people as I do, I realize that people do not over eat just because they like the food that they eat, they eat as a way to self-medicate.

Self medication is that which an individual will use in an attempt to deal with problems that life brings their way.

Most everyone reading this article self medicates in some way.

For most people it’s a good strong cup of coffee in the morning, and for others it may be a drink after work.

People use many substances to deal with stress and depression. Some are considered harmless and others are extremely addictive and dangerous.

There is only one thing that is effective in dealing with stress and depression and that is Jesus Christ.

Stress doesn’t  manifest in your life overnight and may take some time to deal with.

At The Penewit Center we have a plan in dealing with stress.

As we administer The Temperament Analysis Profile, we will reveal step by step, how to deal with stress in you as an individual.

Based on your temperament, a stress reduction strategy will be designed specifically just for you.

This plan will be something that you  will be able to carry with you for the rest of your life

It will always reduce and alleviate stress in your life no matter what the situation may be.

The most important point is that this is totally Bible based in nature and drawn from God’s Word and will work with children as young as 6 years old.

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