#1 Help for hurting people

HurtingWhen we are hurting inside, the first thing that we all want to do is to fix it.

We don’t want to live another day like we have been living…we are emotionally spent.

God, however, always has a plan for us that will end up for our good if we will allow him to speak into our life.


How? You may ask? Actually, God can speak to you right from your Bible, but he also uses people to assist you too.

A family member, or trusted friend can help, but there are times that you need specialized help.

Your child may be in a situation that you simply cannot ignore, or you may be at the end of your rope in a marriage

that you don’t want to end but can’t see any other way out. If you know where to look you will see other options.


Early one morning…hurting I remember looking into a mirror and crying out to God,

” God, I am emotionally bankrupt! I simply have nothing left to give.”

I heard God speak into my inner man and say “Good, now we can begin”

The story goes on from there, but I ended up “finding my way out” it was a time I shall never forget.

Still today, I use what I learned during those trying times to assist me even today in difficult situations that arise.

You see…God had to wait for me to quit messing things up so that we could do things HIS way.

I am convinced that together, you and I just may be able to find out how to do things HIS way in your situation.


A counselor certified by The National Christian Counselors Association has devoted

their lives to help you find your way out of that hurting situation that you are in.

They are trained to see avenues that fit your temperament that you can live with.

These avenues are not impossible but are designed with your temperament in mind

so that you will be able to eventually find your way out.

It may seem impossible now, but it really is not.


Years ago, I pastored a small country church in a rural area and it was there that I learned

that it is more difficult to pastor a smaller church than it is to pastor a larger one.

It was one of those months that seemed to have hurting, and insurmountable problems stacked on top of major difficulties.


Q What types of training do your counselors have?

A Our counselors are licensed counselors by The National Christian Counselors Association,

The National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists and The Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling.

The National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) is a non-profit, professional organization that trains, certifies, and licenses Christian counselors.

The Association includes ministers, Christian counselors, testing specialists, medical doctors, attorneys, and educators.

The National Christian Counselors Association includes many Board Certification Specialties such as;

Marriage & Family Therapy
Child & Adolescent Therapy
Crisis & Abuse Therapy
Domestic Violence & Intervention Therapy


There are other board certification specialties as well.


Q What types of testing do you do?
A We use The Temperament Analysis Profile as our main “Testing and Measurement” therapeutic counseling model.

Have you ever wondered why we do the very things that we know we should not and why we do not do the very things we know we should?

This was one of the greatest things to perplex The Apostle Paul and it continues to perplex most present-day Christians.

Temperament Therapy is a counseling method based on the belief that man is a uniquely created being rather than the result of an evolutionary process.

This method was developed during seven years of research involving five thousand (5000) individuals who were seeking help for their problems.

Conclusions based on research are that Creation Therapy is over 90% successful

when administered by a person who has been trained in this counseling technique.