How to turn a rebellious child into a #1 success

As a Doctor, I hear “rebellious child” quite often but I simply will not accept the notion that there is such a thing as a “bad” boy or girl.

When I hear this spoken, I must confess that I have had to bite my tongue more than once.

By learning the true temperament of your child, we will be able to assist you in the “approach”.


How do you approach your rebellious child?

What do you say when you do and how to you say it?

All of these things are vital in communicating with your son or daughter.


In many instances a parent finds that all they really needed to do is to learn a different communication skill based on the child’s temperament.

This information is even more valuable with your teen.

communication is the single most important skill that one can learn, and learning it on the basis of your child’s temperament is priceless.


Rebellious Symptoms. The first move in times of crisis situations with your child, is to act fast!

The first thing that we act upon is the symptoms, i.e. we react to what the child has done, instead of what is causing the action to begin with.

But what if you could get answers?

I’m talking about real answers that would show exactly why your child is doing what they do,

why they may be so rebellious, or why they are seemingly cutting themselves off from the world.

You may have problems in keeping them home, or off the phone or computer.

All these things frustrate parents to the point that communication lines are broken.


There are real answers to these questions,

and at The Penewit Center we will work with you and your child to find real answers and solutions to these situations.

You just may find out that your child (and yourself) isn’t as far off as you thought they were

What makes them do what they do? Every parent asks that question about their children from time to time, and the answers are worth their weight in gold

At The Penewit Center we don’t just put a Band-Aid over the problem, we actually profile your child in Temperament.

This not only saves hours of therapy and money but it actually relieves stress. We can learn more about your child in one hour than you can imagine!

The Real you!
Unlike “Personality tests” we uncover the inborn temperament of your child placed there by God.

The Penewit Center will actually “Map Out” the unique temperament of your child, with these results we can show you exactly why they do/say/think what they do

and how to work with them to capitalize on their strengths as well as showing weaknesses and real life solutions to help you and your child deal with them.


You will learn valuable tools such as what to say to your child during a “heated” argument, and what not to say.

How to approach your child when you want to communicate with them and how to actually “direct” then to see God’s truths in ways you never thought you could!

Many parents wonder why their children appear to be “too shy” or “under achievers”

They worry about social issues and if their children are “normal”

At the Penewit Center, your therapist can answer your questions and help you

build or regain a relationship with your child that both of you can live with.

Home School Many parents are asking me if Home Schooling is a viable alternative for public or even private schooling.

We can assist you in determining if Home Schooling is a good move for your child AND for yourself!
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