The Healing of Letting Go

the healing of letting goThe healing of letting go can be one of the most difficult and confusing things that one can do.

It can be a time of confusion, pain and in some cases, severe stress.

The healing of Letting go of something that you may have taken ownership of,

such as a relationship, or a life dream can place a person in a depressed state. Meditating on a life goal, for 30 years of your life,

dreaming about it and seeing yourself in your dream being a success, and then to see it slip you by riding on the waves of time can be devastating.

Realizing that beautiful child that you bore and gave birth to isn’t going to fulfill the glamorous life of a doctor or lawyer that you had planned is heart breaking.

At that split second that you realize your dream isn’t going to happen, that your life isn’t going to go that way you expected, it may seem as if your life is being put on hold.

How do you deal with these heavy disappointments in your life?

These situations can keep you from moving onto victory in your own life, they can be an anchor.

You may have been hurt by someone that you may have never expected it from. It may have been your husband, wife or parent.

When someone close hurts you, you rarely see it coming. You begin to meditate on what was done to you…you can’t understand why.

As you continue to think about it you aren’t functioning like you used to be able to.

Everything seems to “muddle up” in your life to the point that you are simply existing.

In actuality you are holding onto an anchor that won’t let you move emotionally and that can destroy a life.

Holding onto a hurt is one of the number one causes of stress, and as we all know, stress is one of the main causes of heart disease.

The healing of letting go can be the healthiest things that you can do for yourself.

We all seek answers to our questions, and Jesus gave is a solution to follow.

You see, Jesus knew that we would seek and that we would long to find answers. He told us in Mark 11:25

“Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone,

so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions.”

Unforgiveness not only hinders your health, but as Jesus shows us, it can also hinder your prayers.

However, if we remember a few things, we can conquer unforgiveness and win!

Remember that you can only right a wrong with L-O-V-E

Only your unforgiveness can hold you back, the offense cannot!

If you can’t forgive an offender in your heart, then start by forgiving them by faith.

Find someone you trust that you can “talk it out with” Make sure that you talk about forgiveness and not the strife!

Once you begin the new journey of forgiveness, you will also see the “stress factor” begin to lift too.

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