7 things that will make your wife happy 3

7 things that will make your wife happy 3Welcome to the 3rd installment of  7 things that will make your wife happy 3

7 things that will make your wife happy 3. We’ve been learning about things that a husband can do that will make his wife happy.

Wives may seem impossible to understand for some husbands…but if we learn how to ask

a few simple questions and learn how to listen…we will see and learn things we didn’t see and know before.


Learn more about her

Did you know that there are things about your wife that you don’t know?,  and there’s a good reason for it!

If we look at The 5 Temperaments, we will see that most of these temperaments fear one thing the most…FEAR!

This means that she may be afraid to tell you things that she longs to because she fears that you may reject her.

It may not be a big thing to you, but rejection can be devastating to her. So how do I learn you may ask?

The first and most effective way to learn more about her is to ask God!, after all he is the one who created her so he would be the one to ask!

You will get more answers than you would ask for, why? because God wants to talk to you about whats going on in your life.

Ask questions (and be ready for the answers)

I suggest that we approach this part slowly…we don’t want your wife to think that you are being nosy or prying into her business because you are not!

I also want you to be ready for answers because she may need to “vent” her frustrations that shes kept inside possibly for a long time.

So…ask questions and LISTEN! Listen not only with you ears but with your eyes as well.

Ask a question and listen with your eyes by looking into her eyes…what do you see? pain? anger?

Look at her body language…what are you seeing? Ask her whats hurting…what is she longing for.

Please do this slowly and deliberately so that the answers dont hurt as much coming out.

Look for part 4 coming soon!


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