7 things that will make your wife happy 2

7 things that will make your wife happy 2

“7 things that will make your wife happy 2”

If you’ve read part 1 of this series “7 things that will make your wife happy” you remember that its important to learn about

“what makes you wife tick” so-to-speak. I realize that this takes a little work but it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Putting forth a little effort will produce results even though it may bring you out of your comfort zone.


Lets continue with the 7 things that will make your wife happy 2


3. Lower your voice

He’s always “yelling at me”… I hear this from unhappy wives consistently. I listen to these couples communicate and

when I hear a woman say “see? he’s doing it again”…I listen very closely.

The husband isn’t yelling with a loud voice that I can tell…BUT we need to understand that a person

can talk with a loud voice without yelling or even talking loud. We can speak with our emotions and

if we are not mindful about our mood when speaking we can indeed yell without using a loud voice.

Learn that we can speak in an angry tone that can threaten our wives without raising your voice.

4. Learn more about her

There are many books out there that deal with the topic “what wives wish their husbands knew about them.

this subject can be one of learning for a husband seeking to make his wife happy.

One can turn a marriage from a “hit and miss” to a marriage that brings both hearts together in understanding and romance.

And if you’ve been seeking romance…this one subject can help bring two people closer.

When she gives you “that look” what is she thinking? What does she long for?

In my opinion…knowing these (and other things about the wife) is the job of a husband to learn.

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