7 things that will make your wife happy

7 things that will make your wife happyLets discuss 7 things that will make your wife happy.

I decided to talk about “7 things that will make your wife happy ” because I sometimes hear husbands say that their wives can be a total mystery.

I have no doubt that wives feel that same way because I’ve heard my own wife say that same thing about me a few times.

So lets begin a healing journey entitled…7 things that will make your wife happy.

I realize that there may be a few of you that are rolling your eyes about now saying THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME.

I urge you to concentrate on your journey to administer healing to your wife.

Let’s look at 7 things that will make your wife happy

*Show her attention*

This is the number one complaint that I hear from wives…”he wont pay any attention to me

I see more difficulty in marriages because of this than any other complaint.

This one subject causes more divorce and affairs than anything.

Show her romance. She will see any attention that you pay to her as romance and it will bring a closeness.

Put away your cell phone and turn off the TV (or watch a “chick flick” with her”)

Here are a few other ideas you can use

  • go get a burger together
  • go see a movie
  • walk the mall together
  • walk a mile together.
  • just talk over coffee or your favorite beverage
  • buy her a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work (Walmart has good cheap flowers)

Time is the key here! give your wife TIME!

*Learn what her passions are*

This will be something that will take a little detective work.

Does your wife have any passions? Does she have a hobby? Maybe she volunteers at a soup kitchen?

If your wife is in the back yard planting flowers…get out there as quick as you can and help her plant!!!

Any of these things are solid gold for a husband that is looking for a way to get closer to his wife.

Taking just a little time and asking a few questions will produce a gold mine of results.

You may have a few ideas of you own…but you must take action with these ideas!

Look for part 2 coming Wednesday!

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