Beginning again

Beginning againIt’s not something that seems positive but beginning again can be a positive life changing event.

Beginning again may happen because you need a fresh start… or because you think you can do better.

It may happen because a mistake has been made or many other reasons.

Beginning again…maybe you didn’t make a mistake

Starting over can be innocent…it can be a great way to build or re-build something.

Also knows as a “fresh start”…when we make a decision to try again it makes us feel good about ourselves.

We think “I won’t make the same mistake again”  So why do we almost always make that mistake again and again?

Is there something in our lives that we just dont understand?

What if the problem isn’t you…maybe its someone that you love…or something that you really care about?

Knowing what went wrong can be a perfect beginning….its actually empowering.

Know people learn about people

Understanding why people continually approach life situations the same way will show you how to approach the same issues in your own life.

First we will find out about the individual (you or a friend) and what “makes you tick

Once we understand that we can make a new plan that won’t involve the same failure that happened before.

Knowing why

Are you a person that becomes stressed when you are around many people?

Maybe you are trying something that involves solitude which stresses you out?

A Melancholy will stress if they are around people while A Sanguine will stress if they are forces to be away from people.

A Choleric needs to lead while A Supine needs to follow

These are very basic things but it shows that there are many things that can affect the decision making abilities of a person,

and its related to Temperament.

Contact us…we can show you the way out