Divorce, telling the children

DivorceDivorce… They didn’t see it coming 

Divorce is rarely planned for be newlyweds, and it always surprises couples even when they see it coming

A friend once said to me…”when I got married I didn’t have a Plan B, I KNEW that we were going to make it”

But they didn’t.

Divorce causes the most stress in a human being of any of life’s situations that can happen.

People plan for a happy blissful marriage…they see themselves before for a crackling fire in each others arms.

They imagine all the things that they will build, the children that they will have, the successful business that they will build.

They thought that they had prepared for the difficulties that they would face.

This is why it’s so heat breaking…so sad to see a couple divorce…

all of the blessings God planned for them die…the roaring fire of “love forever” has died.


This is the question that I always get asked by tearful women who find it impossible to face.

The problem usually is that they saw the goodness in the man they were in love with,

but they didn’t really know the day-to-day person that they were in love with.

Did they expect something from their mate that they couldn’t provide?

You see…God wired people a certain way…and each one is unique.

Expecting a person to provide love in a specific way is something that can cause pain.

But how?

Learning HOW to love a mate

If a person could see inside the mind of her mate she could learn what to expect.

She could understand how her mate loved…how he really wanted love. There would be no more guesswork.


A Sanguine will love by:

  1. Verbal communication
  2. touch
  3. being involved in the every day life of their mate
  4. showing sexual love to their mates on a VERY regular basis

A Melancholy  will love by:

  1. Non-Vebal communication
  2. Performing tasks for the ones they love

This is just an example of how the various temperaments love and want to be loved.

Tempeament will tell not only married couples howt o love their mates

but it will also teach those yet to be married what to look for in a mate.

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