Bullet Proof Marriage?

Bullet Proof Marriage?Bullet Proof Marriage?

Bullet Proof Marriage? If you read articles on the internet today “bulletproof” seems to be the “buzz word” of the hour.

I’ve even read about how to make “bullet proof coffee”.

I’m not sure if I’d enjoy a large chunk of butter in my coffee but I hear it can actually be healthy.


So…the question is…”can a marriage be bullet proof”?

Just what is “bullet Proof” anyway? Some will say that it is the ability to keep “the enemy”

from harming a marriage, others seem to think that it means that a marriage can be “invincible.

I’ve seen marriages that are seemingly “invincible” and others that seem to be under fire constantly.

There are a few simple ideas that I can give you that will help a marriage to be strong against the enemy.

  1. If you’re a husband…PRAY with your wife daily.

26so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word,

This means opening up your Bible and reading it to her daily”

This will strenghten the bond between husband and wife.

2. Clarity. Talk about everything together. Never keep secrets because they tend to cause

a cancerous disease that can destroy a marriage quickly

3. Communicate frequently even if its by text while you are at work.

4.  Find things to do together…have “like interests’


What if I’ve tried that but it didn’t work?

Here’s where Fort Worth Christian Counseling comes in.

Trying the suggestions will work…but knowing the true “inner self” of your mate (or yourself)

will make it a success that can last a lifetime.

The 5 Temperaments connected with The Bible can make your marriage inaccessible to satan.

so while “a bullet proof marriage” may seem a little (or alot) out of your reach…taking a few simple

steps can make the difference.