Is “sexting” the same as cheating?

Is "sexting" the same as cheating?Is “sexting” the same as cheating?

Is “sexting” the same as cheating? Have you ever heard the old saying “close but no cigar”?

In the old days at a fair when you won the prize you got a cigar (if you were an adult).

Quite often in my office when counseling an couple they try to “push the envelope” so-to-speak

and especially where emotions are concerned.


Why is “sexting” so dangerous?

Lets let Jesus himself answer this question. Lets go to Matthew 5

27“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery‘;

That sounds straight forward doesn’t it? Jesus read this in Exodus 20:

v 14 You shall not commit adultery

I think Jesus had a deeper picture of adultery than was in the Old Testament…

In the Old Testament it was all about laws and regulations…but Jesus knew that when he completed his work

on the Cross and rose from the dead…that people would pass from death (of the soul) into life!

Once that happened he knew that our thought life would take on a new roll in our lives. He knew that we would

actually be able to live real life from within our soul (mind, will and emotions).


Clarification please!

OK lets take a look at this from another perspective. Lets look at what happens within us when we think lustful thoughts.


Two things happen in one’s brain when someone becomes “infatuated” with another person.

The first thing that happens is that dopamine floods the brain which heightens the feeling of pleasure.

One feels a “flood of energy” which explains why one feels excited during that first conversation with the other person.


The next time one sees that person, before  even talking to them, they get that “dopamine rush”.

From that point on every time they see the other person they associate that person with intense pleasure.

They don’t really know the person but every fault that the other person has will be ignored.

The person can’t even see these faults because of the dopamine addiction that they now have.

This is simply the beginning of what is to come into their lives. They know it’s wrong but they can’t stop.


As you can see…Jesus really did know what he was talking about. So what can you do if you are caught in this trap.


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