Finding the real problem

Finding the real problemFinding the real problem

But if we’re really think about it, the things that keep us from achieving our goals isn’t other people stopping us.


The real difficulty is what we think about ourselves.




Are we are really capable of doing this we may think to ourselves?  What will people think about us if we fail?


How do I even begin?  The answers that we seek can be found in finding the real problem.


Am I really who I think I am?

We all remember the bully at school, or the aggressive boss…or even fair weathered friends.


Or how about people that hurt you willingly?


I find that people that are mean an abusive are those people who have the lowest self esteem.


I think that if we could get a list of absolutes concerning ourselves we would be on the right road.


I’m not saying that this list will stop every bully or abusive person in your life.


It will help you to understand the “why” questions that you have in your lives.

Questions like:

  • Why am I such a control freak?
  • Why does trouble break out everywhere I go?
  • Why do I want to stay away from people?
  • Why cant I seem to get enough exposure to people?
  • Why am I so mean to everyone that I meet?
  • Help! I’ve been divorced 5 times!

The real me?

I can’t tell you how many people simply want to find themselves…they want to find “the real me”

Most people think that this journey is impossible but it’s easier than you may think.

We can find “the real me” quite easily if we know where to look.


God born

The truth is that God created you in HIS image and likeness…

so the weaknesses that you think you have are easier dealt with than you may think.

God created you with a Temperament and this Temperament will explain things more clearly.


If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “why do I make the decisions that I make,

or why do I do the things that I do” then you are asking about your Temperament.

God “wired” us a certain way, he “wove us in our mother’s womb” just the way he wanted us to be.

After having your Temperament Profile taken, you just may find that you are closer to your goals than you thought you were!


call our office…we’ll explain the process…it’s easy!