Emotional Withdrawal

Emotional Withdrawal

Emotional Withdrawal

Emotional withdrawal is a subject that generally happens within all marriages at one time or another.

The question must be asked “where does emotional withdrawal come from?


What would cause a married couple who promised to stick together through thick and thin

to eventually separate from each other emotionally?

What is emotional withdrawal?

It’s the small things that can become major difficulties and emotional withdrawal is definitely one of those!


Emotional withdrawal can be something big like not attending a family funeral or a wedding,

or it can be small like turning away from a mate when they need your help love and support.

So to answer this question “what is emotional withdrawal”?


Any time a married couple are not there for each other during times of need…that is Emotional Withdrawal.


Being there for your mate during that tough times or even during the simple annoyances is emotional closeness.

I think that there are times that we dismiss the small annoyances in a relationship and focus on the major troubles.


When a couple ignores or dismisses being there for each other during difficult times, they are left with weak commitment.


A couple that doesn’t communicate effectively with each other

will eventually use conflict as a way to stay close…it becomes the “common bond” that is the cement that holds them together.


If a couple uses this common bond to discuss dreams, fears or future goals…they are heading in the wrong direction before they begin.


I can’t seem to reach my mate during these times!

Every human being expresses themselves in various ways and each individual is unique



Finding out how to communicate with a mate is vital to being “emotionally close”

Learning what your mates (and your) Temperament is will allow you to communicate

with your mate effectively during these trying times.


In future posts we will begin learning how to communicate with The 5 Temperaments

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