Is your child a clingy child?

Is your child a clingy child?Do you have a child who is “clingy”? I’m talking about the child who always wants to be held. They never seem to get enough of you.

You may wonder if your child is ok…maybe there is something wrong? Since i am not a an MD I always suggest well checkups for children until they reach adulthood.

Everyone has needs…and these needs can be very different from person to person but something that every temperament fears…and that is rejection.

There is something that every person needs and that is acceptance. We need to know that there is someone (out there) who will always be there for us.

Your child is no different! They need to know that you will always be there for them in any situation. From newborns to adults…having a parent who is

“emotionally absent” causes “rejective thought patterns” that will be difficult to deal with in their future. so the question “Is your child a clingy child” is important.


Infants toddlers

I remember my older relatives suggest to “let a baby cry instead of picking them up”….it teaches them not to cry. I beg to differ!

Letting a child cry only proves to them is that there really isn’t “anybody out there” and they have no logic to reason with.

If we study data from large orphanages were babies are never picked up…they simply lay in their cribs motionless. It’s sad to see.


For the first 8 months my suggestion is to give your child all the love that he/she needs and wants regardless. This input will result in a child with confidence in the future.

What about older children?

There comes a time when your child needs to learn to walk…to talk or to accomplish things on their own.

During this time a parent needs to support their child as they “go it alone” so-to-speak. Always letting your child know that you are there for them.

Be there for their ball game…be there for their recital, or play or whatever they are involved in. “Work” isn’t so important that a parent cant attend a child’s event.

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