Sanguine…in their own words their own wordsSanguine

The Sanguine is a fun person to be around because they are full of joy love and laughter. If you are “having a bad day” all you need to do is find a Sanguine and your troubles are over…at least for a little while!


They have the unique ability of making people feel good and accepted…

this is because they are attempting to “get something” by  “giving something”.

In other words…Sanguines are “selling themselves” for one very specific reason.


They look for the joy and fun in life…but inside they feel like their lives are a roller coaster of emotions…they seek fulfillment but that fulfillment always seems to be just out of their reach.

What are Sanguines selling and why”?

If you understand this question then you will understand the Sanguine in a way that very people do.

They fear one thing more than anything else…and that one thing motivates just about everything that they say and do.


What is this one thing that Sanguines fear so much??? REJECTION! Nothing strikes fear into their hearts more than rejection.

A Sanguine will often say…”being with people is the air that I breathe

Interacting with people and sharing in their lives is joy to the them.


When they feel rejected by another person they will feel a pain that is indescribable…

this emotional pain is so deep that it will cause them to do things that they may never do in other circumstances.

Sanguine under rejection

The Sanguine will do things under rejection that they would never do otherwise. Lets look at a few

  • They may have a tendency to take on the morals of a group of people they want to be a part of.
  • They will find themselves giving in to immoral (especially sexual) situations to be accepted. They know that they are being used but need acceptance
  • They will “swing down” from an independent mode to a dependent mode quickly if they are not getting their “people needs” met.

These unique people are a joy to be around…and you’ll never feel left out when they are around. If you are married to a Sanguine you must learn to understand their needs…

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