Sanguine in marriage

 Sanguine in marriageLets talk about the Sanguine in marriage. If you’ve married a Sanguine then you know that they are bright energetic romantic people.

Sanguines are “people persons” meaning that they need people around them constantly. In fact…if they don’t have people around them then they will become stressed.

Your Sanguine mate  “swings” from being very happy and energetic to being very depressed. The only way to help them is to get them somewhere where there are lots of people!

Sanguines have an “open door policy” which means that the door to their house is always open…they will always have someone over.


Sanguine in marriage “skin hungry”

We call Sanguines “skin hungry” because they love to touch people…its their way of communication.

Sanguines will place their hand on your arm while talking to you…or they may give you a hug when they meet you.

Sanguines love to cuddle with their mates while watching TV etc…so be prepared for lots of cuddle time!


The Sanguine and SEX

Depending on your Sanguine mates Temperament, they may require lots of sex and physical intimacy. Sanguines will feel rejected and angry if they are not shown plenty of physical love and affection.

Sanguines may change their morals to the morals of the crowd that they are following. They fear rejection so much that they will say or do things that they know are not right but will do them anyway to keep from being rejected.

So making sure that your mates physical needs are taken care of will be vital in a marriage.

Marriage is a special institution ordained by God..and he has so many blessings for marriages that desire to follow him.

Knowing ones temperament is vital to success in ones life or marriage…so I am including links to the 5 temperaments. I urge to to take a look at these 5 links.