Child Temperament

Child TemperamentChild Temperament

Can Temperament answer questions about your child? Could Temperament possibly help a parent with the social difficulties that their child may be having?

Can Temperament help a parent/teacher solve the difficulty that a child may be having in school?

As a therapist I know that the most heartbreaking questions that a patient asks involves a child.

A parent wants their child to “fit in”…they want their child to “be like the other kids” so that they wont stand out as inferior.

So how can a parent or guardian get answers when their child isn’t “like the other kids in their class”?


Here are a few ideas that can help a parent better understand their child.

Question.  My child has difficulty paying attention in class, all they want to do is look at the other children and talk to them.

Answer.  Here at Fort Worth Christian counseling we work with  five different temperaments. Each temperament is very different than the others.

You may see a child sitting at their desk and with their hands folded being very quiet.

But when you look at your child all you see is one massive fidgety child cannot seem to pay attention.

We must understand that each temperament to that thinks differently it receives differently.

We must never allow a teacher to judge one child by the behave your of another child.  Each temperament thinks differently!

Question.  My child will not go out and play with the other children…  all they want to do is stay inside!  What is wrong?

Answer.  There’s probably nothing wrong with your child. Some temperaments become emotionally stressed when they are forced to be around people for any length of time.

If your child has one of these temperaments than they are already stressed from being at school all day with the other children.  They simply need to have their alone time!

This is vital for their emotional health!


Getting your child’s temperament profile done between second and third grade will help you and their teacher understand what their unique learning style is.


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