My soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer

My soul is well...a spiritual/therapeutic primerMy soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer

“My soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer” I realize that this is quite a title don’t you think?  I don’t think I will be able to completely explain this in one post,

but I am going to attempt to explain how temperament helps a soul stay healthy.  Over the last few decades the world would lead you to believe

that there is a major difference between The Bible and mental health therapy.  I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth!

We need to put the first things first before we begin.

What made my soul complete

I can tell right off the bat to that this will not be one of my average posts.  I can see that this is developing into a longer story even before I get started,

so I guess I will just have to separate this story into more than one post.  When Jesus Christ found  me in mid 1974 I was completed by his blood and his love.

As I began reading The Bible I grew in his love his mercy and his grace.

I had many “why” questions

Even after becoming a Christian and being filled with The Holy Spirit I still had many unanswered questions.

These questions were personal questions, questions about myself.  These were questions such as why do I keep doing this? or why do why always react this way.

But I guess most of us just become so used to asking these questions about ourselves that we just stopped seeking the answers .  And yet these questions were still there.

I never expected to get these questions answered, because I really didn’t think there were any justifiable answers to these questions.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was on my way to solid answers concerning these questions.


Watch for “My soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer” Part 2 Friday 11/4/2016


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