My soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer Part 2

My soul is well...a spiritual/therapeutic primer Part 2My soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer Part 2

My soul is well…a spiritual/therapeutic primer Part 2 …  So here we are!  Part two were I will explain where I got the answers that I so desperately needed.

I was teaching masters level courses at a small college in Indiana where I was asked to teach a course on Temperament Theory.  As I began looking over the course work I began to see that

The 5 Temperaments could possibly be a good therapeutic counseling model.

As I began teaching this course the answers started to manifest

One of the requirements before I begin teaching this course was that I had to take the temperament profile.  When I got the results of the profile they were things that I agreed with and there were

things that I did not agree with.  I later came to learn that the things that I did not agree with or the things that the lord needed to work within me to help me heal and become the man that I am

today.  I had no idea what temperament was and I certainly didn’t know that there were five temperaments.  Even early on in this course I begin to see that some of the questions that I always had

were beginning to come to light and I knew that the answers were not far behind.

My intellect…finally I knew “why”

As I began to teach this course to my masters level students I was actually learning myself how God applied Temperament as uniquely as our fingerprint to each one of his creations.

The temperament began to teach me why I had the thought patterns and why I processed things the way I did.  As a younger child my parents didn’t understand me…they couldn’t answer any of

the questions that I ask them.

The same thing happened at school with my teachers who could never answer any of my questions nor could they explained to me the “whys” of what they were teaching.

I would learn that God wanted me to ask why…  And today I still ask why when I am working with a patient.

I may not ask them “why” directly but when I am in prayer seeking direction and guidance from God…I ask “why” and he always gives me the answer!

To this day I have patients that need the answer to the question “why” where their intellect is concerned.  What type of thinker are they? This question makes all the difference!


Look for part 3 Monday 11/7/2016


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