Transparent Marriage

 Transparent MarriageTransparent Marriage

Today we will be discussing the transparent marriage.  A marriage that is transparent does not leave much to the imagination and in this case that is exactly what we are seeking.

When we are working with married couples, quite often we hit a roadblock.  At times it is quite humorous to discover what that roadblock is…  A mate (usually the wife) wants to know what is going on inside her husband’s mind.  And as you may have guessed the husband does not want to share what he is thinking about.

But this is where things can go awry because certain thoughts and situations that happen in an individual’s life are the very thoughts that need to be discussed by both husband and wife.

We need to understand that just as many women have difficulty sharing what’s going on in their minds as men do.

The situations that can destroy a marriage begin as very tiny seeds but they grow and can destroy a marriage quickly.  So let’s look at a couple of these situations and talk about them briefly.

Situations that can be deadly

Situations that can destroy a marriage generally happen at work or away from the house.  People that you wouldn’t normally talk to (members of the opposite sex) are approachable when your mate is not around.

So let’s look at a couple of these situations and discuss them.

1.  Talking to a coworker that you may find attractive.

Finding a member of the opposite sex attractive is not dangerous in and of itself.  When it becomes dangerous is when you let your guard down and begin to talk to this individual.  Then the         attractive coworker has access to a part of your soul that is only for your mate.  This part of your soul is for prayer between you and your mate, for intimate discussions in romance, for sex and physical love.

2.  Talking about your mate in a negative way to others.

As sad as this is there are always people that are looking for someone to take advantage of.  And let’s face it office gossip is at an all time high in the Dallas fort worth Texas area!  Sooner or later someone will hear about the weaknesses that you discuss and will attempt to take advantage of you.

This is where transparency comes in to play.  This transparency is just like turning the lights on in a dark room so that you can see everything that is in that room.

Let’s put this into Biblical perspective shall we?

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overpower it. ” John 1:5

Turning on the light in your marriage will keep the darkness out because darkness cannot stay in the same room as light!

So what I like talking about here?  If you find a member of the opposite sex attractive or you work make sure that your mate knows about it that same day!  Or if you find yourself being drawn to somebody that you know you should not be drawn to let your mate know immediately!  It is certainly better to deal with that now then to deal with an affair.

So what can you do?  Contact us today!  We can help you on the road to a healthy marriage!