Want More?

Want More?Want More?

Remember Thanksgiving day at grandmas, she brings that second piece of pumpkin pie over to you and says “want more?”

With that loving look on her face?

How about the memories of giving your kids “piggy back” rides and when you are all tuckered out they say MORE!

We all want more of the good stuff…so why can giving or getting “more” be the toughest things that we can seek after?

More in relationships

A Relationship can be a  powerful force that can strengthen a persons entire Temperament.

When we are “dialed in” to a person where love is shared between the two…everything seems right with the world.

There seems to be an over abundance of love for each other…but it doesn’t always stay that way does it?

This is where confusion can come in if we are not careful to know what comes next

OK what DOES come next?

OK so you want to know where abundance comes from…right?

If you want an abundance of love from your mate…you must put an abundance of love into your mate.

So…the formula is thus:                           abundance+abundance=   Abundance  

the more you put in the more you can take out.

This seems simple but you wouldn’t believe the couples I see that cant understand how an abundance between a couple works.

When you hurt…things can slow down.


When a person is hurt or rejected they feel as if the love that they deserve has been “stolen” from them.


So they go into “preservation mode” where they hoard  what little love and self esteem they may have and shut down.


The only way to approach this situation where both parties are “too hurt to love”

is to use the very thing that you are craving but cant seem to give or get.


The answer to the problem

The approach MUST be giving love even if its in the smallest amount.

A compliment…saying “I apologize” or a hug will work…give it a try!