The De-cluttered Brain

The De-cluttered BrainThe De-cluttered Brain means to “slow down” ones’ brain, so what’s in a “cluttered brain”?

A cluttered brain is a brain whose “thought pattern” is working overtime making it difficult to think clearly.

It’s not that all those thoughts aren’t there, but some thoughts seem to create a “fog” in your brain.

It’s that fog that keeps one from thinking clearly but few people realize that we can “get rid of” the clutter.

The brain is one of God’s masterpieces, and he created it to function best a certain way.

Thoughts that clutter the brain.

Have you ever said to yourself “just make it stop!“?

Ill bet you were talking about the thoughts in your brain that “wont go away“.

These thoughts can create anxiety in your life that will stay with you

until you make it stop. Anxiety unchecked will cause depression to take over your life

and this depression will eventually make your decisions for you.

Anxiety is like that mosquito that flies around you ear…you can hear it but you can’t see it,

you swat at it but it doesn’t go away.

There are 5 Temperaments that we have and thousands of various blends and each one approaches  clutter

and depression differently.

The De-cluttered Brain/Who makes your decisions?

Deciding to do something about the clutter in one’s brain is the first step.

The reason that it can be so difficult to begin removing the clutter is all to often we are

never sure who makes the decision.  Are you making the decision our of fear? or desperation?

If so your flesh or emotions are making your decisions, but there is one part of you that can make the decisions.

Your spirit man and decision making

Your spirit man can make the decision to begin taking your thought life back.

you see…it the spirit man that gets it’s instruction from The Word of God…

and Gods Word is your brains “instruction manual”

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