Depression, becoming whole

Dr W. H. Penewit


If you live with depression and I know that many of you do…healing and getting out from under it’s heavy weight  is what its all about.

It can be so life changing that it slowly takes over your entire life.

What causes it? And how can we effectively deal with it without heavy drugs?

I’m not telling you to stop taking your medication or to not begin taking medications if your doctor is telling you to.

People with this disease must learn to change how they think. This is because the mood that we are in  follows how we think.

If we always think happy thoughts then our mood becomes happy.


The Depressed in the work place

Did you know that working at your job may be making you unhappy without you even knowing it?

We all have what we call Temperaments that God placed within us and we also have Temperament Needs.

If we are working at a job that does not meet our temperament needs then we will become stressed.

This causes us to think unhappy thoughts and so we will become depressed. If we know what our Temperament is then we can seek jobs that will not cause depression in us.

Learning what your Temperament is will help you learn how to talk to your mate so that they will enjoy talking to you.

Some people like to talk and some people don’t really want to talk at all.

How can I learn what my Temperament is?

Calling the office is your first step. Click the contact us button to call our office or send us a message. Your next step is to click the link to Dr Penewit’s short video.  He will tell you what your first 4 sessions will be like.

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