Change and The Melancholy

The Melancholy and change

Change is not easy for a Melancholy

If you are a Melancholy there is one thing that you do not like, and that is change. When we talk about the Melancholy, we have to consider many things.

The Melancholy needs their lives to fit into a certain lifestyle because they don’t like change, so having a schedule helps them from stressing out.

We face many things in our daily life that we must deal with, and some things that we face will cause stress.

Did you know that stress can cause sicknesses and diseases? Stress can cause heart disease, diabetes and other ailments that we do not need in our lives.

Stress is never a good thing for a person, and knowing where stress comes from can help get rid of the stress in your life.

Stress is caused because a person is attempting to get their temperament needs met, but it just does not happen.

I have realized that when I do not get my temperament needs met in a positive way it causes me stress. You may not know what your Temperament is and so you

may be living day to day not knowing why your life is so difficult right now. You may be wondering why other people say such hurtful things to you, and you may wonder if other people even like


Whenever you are around people you do not feel accepted or loved. And at times you may even feel rejected. This feeling causes the most stress to a Melancholy.  But knowing what your temperament needs are allows you to simply meet those needs

in a Godly way and the stress never comes!  Click here to learn what your temperament is


Ideas to help reduce stress

Ideas for stress management