Divorced? Why you and your “ex” need therapy

Divorced? Why you and your "ex" need therapyDivorced?

Divorced? Why you and your “ex” need therapy …I’m certain that a few of you are here because of how strange the title of this article sounds.

If you are divorced and have children you may have more reason to get counseling that you think!

Even if you dont have children what The Penewit Institute offers may make post divorce life easier and even happier.

Your “ex” isn’t going away

Lets look at a few facts…your “ex” may be in the same city or even in the same neighborhood and they aren’t going away.

You may see them at the grocery store, at the coffee shop or even at your church.

The stress that seeing them may cause can be a source of constant stress and even depression.

Is there anything I can do?

Actually there are a few things that you can do that may seem unconventional, but I’m going to explain.

Understanding why?

I’m not telling you to get back into counseling with your “ex” because that may not be the best idea.

I am suggesting for both of you  to have your Temperament Profiles taken and here’s why.

There IS a reason that you and your “ex” got divorced…most likely it was a “failure to communicate”

Divorced? Why you and your “ex” need therapy

When communication breaks down divorce is close behind.

You probably guessed what I’m getting at learn how to re-communicate with your “ex”

If you have children you need to have a good relationship with your “ex”.

It is possible for 2 divorced people to raise “well adjusted” children but to start they need to COMMUNICATE!

Temperament Profile

We will teach you how to communicate with your “ex” so that you CAN agree where your children are concerned

Even if your children are older they will benefit from their parents being friends again.

We will teach you (with a 95.2 accuracy rate) how to:

Talk to each other without all the anger

Knowing what angers them and how to get your point across can be learned

Learning what makes them happy, what frightens them,

do they have low self esteem, or depression?

Knowing these things can affect they way you communicate…and we just may be able to help you both heal along the way

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