How to know if you’ve gone too far

How to know if you've gone too farWhen marriage is good

How to know if you’ve gone too far

Newly weds tend to spend a lot of time together; they talk to each other and get to know each other–

and they actually stop and listen; they do fun things together like go shopping or take walks; they look good for each

other in other words…THEY CARE

Sometimes we cross them  without even knowing it, and when we do disaster can result.

When two people get married, they are not thinking that they would be having an affair a year later.

The “office husband/wife”

 We call it boundaries.

We’ve dealt with the “office mate” from time to time in therapy…and it’s never good.

It starts out innocently enough…you begin a work relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

You make a good team sand begin discussing “off topic” subjects…things that dont have anything to do with work.

You begin talking about personal things involving your mate and “they”are there to listen.

One thing leads to another and the line is crossed…you have an affair.

How to know if you’ve gone too far

How can you tell? You work with this person all day…you spend more time with them than you do your mate!

The question is this person putting more into you emotionally than your mate does?

If you can answer YES then you are in the danger zone.

How The Penewit Institute can help

If you can admit that you need help before things go any further…we have a plan!

We will begin by administering what we call a Temperament Profile on you and your mate.

We will use the information that we get to get you both back on the right track with a 92.5 accuracy rate.

Help me! I’ve already gone too far!

If you’ve gone to far and dont know what to do…we can help you “explain” to your mate what happened.

How do you start the process? Contact us today, it starts with you then we will involve your mate.