Keep your romance HOT

Keep your romance HOTThis marriage is LIVE

If its a growing vital marriage then its LIVE, also known as “Keep your romance HOT”

It’s living…meaning that two people are constantly putting things into their mate.

They LEARN what their mates like and make daily “deposits” into their “love account”

I’m not just talking about sex here….but regular physical romance wont hurt!

“One mans treasure”

The old adage is true “one mans treasure is another mans trash” is true here.

Romance to one person may not be the romance another person needs.

This is all too true between two people. One sees romance one way and their mate sees romance in another way.

Confusion doesn’t have to be the end of the “hot nights” to come!

Knowledge really is power

If we know what our mate needs in the romance department then we will know how to apply it.

Keep your romance HOT

Lets look at a few examples about the type of romance people need.

The Melancholy doesn’t necessarily seek physical romance (but they still enjoy it)

but they do have deep tender feelings and can be explosive lovers if the conditions are right.

The Sanguine LOVES physical forms of romance and will make love nightly if their mate is willing

but they have a weakness that can stop them if their mate doesn’t know how to deal with it.

The Supine loves physical romance as well but they have SPECIFIC needs that MUST be met!

If their mates know about this it can make for a HOT romance

The Choleric enjoys romance but they have reasons for their needs…learning this will be a plus for this couple.

The Phlegmatic can accept lots of romance or  just a little romance…we can show you how to “light their fire”

The Key is Temperament

The key is to contact The Penewit Institute and let us run a Temperament Profile on both of you.

We can show you how to meet your mates total needs in all 3 areas of your temperament.

We can also help you heal your marriage…Contact us today!