When they are gone

When they are goneWhen they are gone

When they are gone is something that we don’t want to think about, it can be the saddest most difficult time of our lives.

We try not to think about it because its something that we cant prepare for.

I’m not just talking about a loved one passing away, but the death of relationships as well.

When we get married we dont think “before long I will get divorced” …we dont have a plan B

We dont have a “plan B” when a loved one passes on either.

I am doing this article on the morning of my mothers  “moving to Heaven”.

She passed away early this morning in her mid 90’s and I must admit I wasn’t ready for it.

The death of a marriage/relationship …can you prepare?

Can a person be prepared for a death of a relationship? Can they make plans for it?

In the years I’ve counseled people I can assure you that rarely do I find someone why is prepared for such a loss.

It seems that when a loved one or relationship is gone, we no longer think about the bad things that happened’

We tend to remember the good times…the fun times or things that they said or did.

If they have moved to heaven

If they have moved to Heaven then you can rest assured that they are well cared for.

We must concentrate on YOU because you may need help to overcome the grief that you feel.

Evey one of The 5 Temperaments deal with grief differently so knowing you YOU deal with it can be important.

How to help heal you…

Since every person has different temperaments how you deal with death can be unique.

Learning your Temperament will put you on the road to emotional health, but you must take the first step.

Connecting with The Penewit Institute will set you up with a “intake time slot”